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Firefly Digital Slit Lamp

20220614 103740 Our Surrey, British Columbia eye care team is proud to offer comprehensive eye exams including the new Firefly Digital Slit Lamp.

How Can Firefly Help With Dry Eye Syndrome?

The Firefly offers state-of-the-art dry eye detection abilities with an ultra-sensitive camera that boasts 40% greater image resolution than other leading slit lamps. It also sports a unique infrared light source that allows your eye doctor to take a look at the meibomian glands, which can sometimes be the root of dry eye from conditions such as blepharitis.

The Firefly and Specialty Lens Fittings

Your eye doctor may also use the Firefly’s yellow-filter to get a high contrast image of the structure of your eye, making fittings for specialty contact lenses such as scleral lenses more accurate. This allows your eye doctor to ensure a clearer, more comfortable visual experience with these lenses.

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Dry Eye Friefly Slit Lamp