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TempSure Envi

Rejuvenate Yourself with TempSure

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The TempSure Envi is a noninvasive therapeutic treatment developed for a variety of purposes including the reduction of wrinkles, crow’s feet and other signs of ageing as well as helping relieve some of the symptoms of Dry Eye. TempSure uses radiofrequency (RF) to carefully heat the skin around your eyes, triggering the body’s natural reaction to produce new collagen. The treatment minimizes the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles by creating new, dense collagen fibres that leave you with beautiful, younger-looking skin.

TempSure for Dry Eye

TempSure uses precisely targeted, gentle heat to encourage collagen production in the skin around your eyes which can help treat dry eye symptoms. RF heat applied to the eyelids can help treat clogs in the meibomian glands, which can cause dry eye symptoms.

How is TempSure Administered?

The TempSure Envi treatment is administered using small, high tech hand-pieces that have been specially designed to deliver RF energy to the delicate areas of your facial skin.

Depending on your requirements, we’ll target the areas where the facial skin has become thinner due to ageing. Areas that we can target include:

  • Forehead lines
  • Frown lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Smile lines
  • Wrinkles

The procedure is safe with over 96% of patients reporting no discomfort during the treatment and you can return to your normal daily activities immediately following treatment.

If you’re interested in TempSure Envi and what it can do for you, please give us a call for more information.

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