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Ok I’ll start with the good. It’s a nice clinic, and the staff is very friendly, but it’s just not for me. If you just need a test to get your glasses but you know your prescription works go to a different place that will be a quick in and out. I only came in because they won’t sell you prescription glasses with an old prescription, even if that prescription works absolutely fine for you. And this is the problem. This has happened twice now where I am forced to go in to see an optometrist despite my current prescription being fine and giving me no problems. Last time this happened the new prescription gave me headaches and vertigo but I was told they followed the dr’s prescription so they couldn’t do anything about it and I had to go back to the optometrist. I don’t have time to be running around dealing with this, so I kept them and my eyes adjusted. So now four years later I go to this clinic as the other one was booked till June. I see Dr Sandhu and she tells me my previous prescription was a little too strong (no kidding, wish I wouldn’t have been forced to go get a new prescription four years ago) She said we can slowly decrease it. Do you think I’m gonna do this? No! I’m gonna go buy my glasses and tell them “here is the mandatory prescription; I don’t have time to play around so just grab the prescription from my current glasses and give me that”. Yes, you can do this. The other thing I did not like AT ALL, is she put drops in my eyes but did not tell me before hand that they would cause my eye muscles to relax so I would not be able to read things up close with my glasses on. I was freaking out in the waiting area thinking, oh my gosh what did they do to me?! I think this era of “the thing” where experts just do whatever they want to patients because they know better has really done damage to the importance of informed consent. It’s been four years but I remember the previous optometrist at least told me about the eye drops and what they would do. Clayton Heights also asked for my glasses before the exam and didn’t even tell me what for. I think they grabbed my prescription from them. Seriously they need to inform the patient and keep them in the loop Also I have never had such a thorough exam, and sure some people like this stuff, so if that’s what you’re looking for I highly suggest this place. But as someone who was only doing this to replace my glasses I was beyond frustrated. I had so many lights flashed at my eyes that I felt strange driving back home because my eyes felt weird. I will not come back. And to be honest I will never again use a new prescription UNLESS my current prescription feels bad to ME. After all they just give you numbers on a paper. What matters is how you feel with your glasses.
3 weeks ago
- Vanessa A.
I love my new glasses! Very nice people
4 months ago
- G N.
Had such a positive experience here. Had the opportunity to see both Dr. Sandhu and Dr.Choi and both are so thorough and nice! Dr. Sandhu helped me figure out my dry eye problems and Dr. Choi helped me with my concussion symptoms I have been having for so long. Life changing. The staff are so incredibly amazing as well and make you feel welcome and relaxed. Will be bringing my family and friends!
4 months ago
- L C.
I was recently advised by my my family physician to go see an optometrist as soon as possible due to an eye issue . I’m grateful that my wife searched on line for some one close to us . My wife called and the lady that answered listened to the explanation and advised us to come in the very next evening. Everyone else was at least a week before I could get in . When we arrived it was like they new us already . The staff and Dr.Mona were so welcoming and professional with my concerns . I was prescribed anti biotic eye drops and suggested I return in 7 days for a follow up. With that follow up an eye exam was done quite professionally and in a timely manner. When Dr. Mona did her examination she was absolutely fantastic to deal with. She explained everything , ask questions and answered questions. Dr.Mona and her staff are doing everything possible to expedite the process to get me into an eye specialist before Christmas ( a week away ) . Now if that’s not a professional and a caring team , then I’m not sure what is . I thank you 🙏 ALL at Clayton optometry.
5 months ago
- Donald I.
Dr. Mona & Wayvee are fantastic, they make sure you are comfortable and take time with your care. I highly recommend them for all of your eye care needs!
6 months ago
- Jade R.
This was probably the most thorough eye exam I ever had! Dr. Sandhu helped me to understand the problems I was having with my eyes. Also shout out to the staff, they were very helpful and friendly. I love my new glasses and all the compliments I have been getting. Highly recommend!!
8 months ago
- Leah A.
Loving my Versace Progressive glasses! The staff was very knowledgeable with understanding my prescription and needs. I've had issues with wearing progressive lenses before and these are the most comfortable pair I've ever owned. Thank you Clayton Heights Optometry!!! I will be back for more glasses!
8 months ago
- hermie s.