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Huvitz HPE-410 Edger

edger replacement image

Clayton Heights Optometry uses a Huvitz Edger in it’s finishing lab to quickly and efficiently fit your new lenses into your frames. This helps you, our patients, in many ways.

With our advanced equipment, we can turn out finished glasses that have the same quality as those produced in the factory and in some cases better- doing the work in-house means we can keep a closer eye on the process which allows us to make adjustments if there is a problem.

With costs going up in every aspect of the industry, an in-house edger allows us to keep lab costs down, which are a big part of the costs that our patients face. It also speeds things up significantly. While local factories can take days before delivering eyewear, and orders from other countries can take weeks, our new Huvitz edger allows us to cut, polish, and grind lenses to fit your new designer frames with speed and precision in hours.

We are very pleased to be able to offer our patients better, faster and more affordable service than ever before!

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