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At Clayton Heights Optometry our mission is to provide you with the highest standard of eye care and patient service. We are passionate about preventative eye health and, through regular eye exams and patient education, want to help you maintain healthy eyes for life. We strive to keep up to date in the latest treatments and products to give your eyes the care and attention they deserve. We also offer quality eyewear for you and your family in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


With a focus on preventative eye health, Dr. Mona Sandhu has been serving the community of Surrey and the Lower Mainland for 20 years. Using the latest technology, she and her experienced team offer you & your family members thorough eye & vision care in a relaxed, yet professional atmosphere. Eyes can reveal underlying health problems. Regular eye examinations should be a priority.



We are excited to have such a unique and diverse selection of designer frames and sunglasses. We have chosen frame lines that differentiate you and reflect your individual style without sacrificing comfort. We are focusing on providing quality, stylish eyewear that brings out the You in you, whatever your budget may be. We also have a wide selection of frames for children of all ages.



Dr. Mona fits all types of contact lenses, including those who have challenging prescriptions. It is important to remember that contact lenses are a medical device and can affect the health of the cornea. A proper fit ensures that you not only experience the expected vision through your new contacts but will also be able to wear the lenses comfortably. Dr. Mona will carefully choose right lens.



Blue light is part of visible light in the electromagnetic spectrum right next to UV light. The electromagentic spectrum is made up of wavelengths. The shorter the wavelength, the higher the energy. Blue light is found in sunlight, LED and fluorescent lights and LED screens from our digital devices including smartphones, tablets, desktops, TVs and many more digital devices.


Healthy eyes - better life

We treat every patient with the special care and attention you and your family deserve, in a friendly and professional setting. Dr. Mona Sandhu has over 20 years of experience providing eye care in Lower Mainland communities.

Our beautiful selection of frames and lenses have been carefully chosen to bring out the uniqueness in you.


Patient Experience


Just had my first visit 2 weeks ago and everyone was super helpful! Dr. Sandhu was very thorough and professional. Highly recommend this office. I will be going back and bringing my kids. Thank you :)


Our Technology

Our Equipments

Your eyes are as important to us as they are to you. That's why we offer the latest technology from pre-testing to fitting your glasses. We use Optomap, Optical Coherence Technology, Autofractor/Keratometer, Non Contact Tonometer, Visual Field Testing Machine and Optikam.


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